Wednesday, May 9, 2012

N'awlins Jazz Fest Food Frenzy

Rise and shine! I just woke up from a little nap so excuse the sleepy writing. While I'm awake I wanted to share some photos from the crazy fun weekend I spent in New Orleans with some of the best ladies on the planet. We all flew the coop for our wonderful, amaaaaaazing friend, Emma's Hen Party (Brit for bachelorette party). We caught the second weekend of Jazz Fest, had some memorable conversations with Nawlin locals, and ate our way through all The Big Easy had to offer. I'm still recuperating, hence the nap. 

I did two things in preparation for my first visit to NOLA:
1. Read all about my favorite happy hour indulgence in "Sex, Death & Oysters" by Robb Walsh; and
2. Made myself a classic french breakfast radish sandwich with butter and sea salt, for my flight over

First of all, "Sex, Death & Oysters" is a great book, especially if you're as infatuated with oysters as I am. It didn't make me want to consume my weight in oysters during my stay in NOLA because one of the first things I learned is that oysters are out of season.... Prime oyster eating season is November-April. In May, the water warms up (especially in the Gulf) and they start to loose mass and reproduce. Not ideal.

Second, I'm in love with France. But I've never been. I hope to go in the Fall but for now, New Orleans is the closest I'll get. When I opened my CSA box last week, I found some beautiful French Breakfast Radishes and immediately made plans for them. A classic radish and butter sandwich is exactly what I needed to kick off my trip. I did a little googling around for more info on the orgin of this simple delight and came across “Relishing the Radish” on NPR’s website.
“Of course, leave it to the French to perfect the art of the simple pleasure. For years, they have eaten whole radishes dipped in butter, as a homey snack meant for countryside picnics. Often, the radish is scored with an X at the bottom (the better for adhering slippery butter), then dipped into one of the luxurious, extra-high-butterfat unsalted butters, and finished with a sprinkling of rough fleur de sel. I’ve heard tales of thrifty Eastern European cultures with a fetish for radish-and-butter combos too, yet as usual, the French make it seem more like luxury than necessity.”
That lovely sandwich would be the healthiest thing I ate for the next three days. As soon as we touched down in NOLA it was fried, cheezy, enriched white bread from there on out. A taste bud's equivalent to a weekend of debauchery in Vegas. Just hitting some of the most highly recommended Jazz Fest food vendors gave us enough to shoot for during the weekend so that's what we did. I'll have to go back in the winter (oyster season!) to try out the infamous restaurant scene.


Clockwise from top left: (1) a small portion of the never-ending rows of food vendors at Jazz Fest, (2) the most talked up festival dish of all time, Crawfish Bread, (3) me enjoying the spicy, cheezy Crawfish Bread while listening to Ziggy Marley, and (4) oyster po-boy

Clockwise from top left: (1) boiled crawfish, (2) our Mother Hen, Emma, sucking the head of a crawfish, (3) kissy kissy me and Emma, and (4) all of us hennies arm in arm after sweating through our custom tanks, dancing to Grace Potter


Clockwise from top left: (1) breakfast at the hostel, (2) my favorite Zapp's flavor, (3) the best dirty iced chai I've ever drank from Fair Grinds, and (4) Canadian maple cookies brought straight from Ottawa from one of the lovely hennies... have nothing to do with NOLA except that we snacked on them plenty during our stay

Clockwise from top left: (1) mango freeze! so good, (2) the second most talked up dish of Jazz Fest, Crawfish Monica, (3) little Dlo enjoying her mango freeze, and (4) us ladies, blissing out to some Crawfish Monica


Clockwise from top left: (1) beignets and chicory coffee from Cafe Du Monde, (2) Emmalita going Krishna with her beignet sugar, (3) Ana-finger-lickin-good, (4) more kissin', and (5) Pia's happy smiley face

Clockwise from top left: (1) praline sugar buzz, (2) hundreds of pralines drying in a window display, (3) free praline samples, (4) heading into the French Market, (5) the only raw oysters that I saw during my entire trip!, and (6) my packed airport snack, courtesy of the French Market

Thursday and Friday night ended with a homemade veggie burrito from the burrito man, Om. You can find him on Frenchmen St, selling foil-wrapped burritos off his little tray. Look for the battery-powered lamp :)

It was a jam-packed trip that I'll never forget. Seriously tasty festival food but I sure was ready for some fresh fruit and veggies by the end of the weekend. Even with all the dancing we did, I'll be working it off for weeks! Don't get me wrong, it was totally worth it. Congratulations Emma (and Bobby)!!! What a great kickoff to the celebrations ahead.

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  1. Crawfish bread? A new low for Shanti Starr and the Donut Devas! I'm afraid to ask what makes a chi dirty. Ok I give up Do tell....Olive juice? Please say its not some kind of crustacean !♡