Friday, February 24, 2012

Oats Stole the Show

Hello there. I suppose I owe you all an event recap. What can I tell you? It's been four whole days since I had people over and I'm still smiling ear to ear about it! It went better than I could have ever expected. Thank you to everyone that came by to support me, and to those who helped me prep; the lovely Dolores for helping with my test cookie batches leading up to the event, Elizabeth and Caroline for giving me pro feedback and letting me bounce recipe ideas off them, Jill for helping with the day-off merchandising, and most of all, Steve-o for coming in and completely saving my sanity on Monday afternoon. 

And although I was too busy to take a single picture (I could kick myself!), the two beautiful Laurens in my life did snap a few shots using their mobiles. So at least there's proof that something did in fact go down in my apartment on Monday evening. 

Here's a very tired Shanti, setting the table!

Apple Cider Granola ($12/lb) and Oatmeal Bread ($4)
Oatmeal bread was the first to sell out!
Oatmeal Pear Cardamom Cookies  

Man, I guess oats really dominated the party. It's true, I am total glutton for oats. But oat-based treats were not all that was served! Check out my last post to see some of my delicious non-oat cookies. Chocolate lavender was also a big stud that night.

What's next? Recovery? Yes. But not too much. Aside from moving into my new apartment in Fort Greene next week, I have a few very exciting baking opportunities in March. More to come on that. Until then, you can find me at Saltie, baking every Tuesday-Saturday. Tomorrow morning I'll be lining the pastry case with croissants, flaky poppy seed buns, chocolate lavender brioche, and the best old fashion doughnuts you'll ever try. Goodnight!

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