Monday, January 2, 2012

Shantilly Picnic Services

Seasonal Granola Half Share ~ $24/month
I am starting my first Seasonal Granola Share program this Spring! Very similar to your standard CSA model of food distribution, members will join for x amount of weeks, guaranteeing them fresh baked, seasonal granola every other week. Members will have the choice of paying their pledge in full or monthly. Granola pickup locations will be determined based on joining members, most likely with one in Williamsburg, Fort Greene, and Manhattan. If several people sign up in the same office or apartment building, I can hand deliver. If you are unfamiliar with Shantilly Picnic granola, I always bake it in small batches, using organic rolled oats (gluten-free available), quality olive oil, sea salt and plenty of all-natural fixins that change with the season. This new granola program will finally allow me to stay on top of everyone's granola requests while focusing on quality ingredients and reducing risk of financial loss. 

Personal Doughnut Chef ~ $75 for 15 specialty doughnuts
This is the newest and most delicious service, in my opinion! I've been getting such great feedback on my doughnuts at Saltie that I've decided to start making house calls! Yes, kind of like a doughnut fairy. It's going to be great. There's nothing better than a doughnut, fresh from the fryer, to dunk in your morning coffee, and now you can get 15+ of them made especially for you, in the comfort of your own home! I am available on Sundays for brunch services as well as special events. The only thing you'll need to supply is a stove-top and the bunch of hungry doughnut eaters. I specialize in old fashion buttermilk doughnuts with a never-ending list of glaze flavors- simple dusting of powdered sugar, classic vanilla, rich dark chocolate, irish coffee, lemon poppy seed, and so it goes. Surprise your sweetie with his or her own personal doughnut chef!

Host Your Own Pizza Night ~ 
$150 for 5 Neapolitan pies 
Doughnuts by day, pizza by night! Another passion of mine is pizza making. I host my own little pizza nights almost every week and am now taking this show on the road. Perfect for small dinner parties, I will bring everything needed to your home and serve hot bubbling pizzas to you and your guests. I specialize in my delicious sourdough that slow ferments, developing a wonderfully sweet and sour, airy crust. Topping choices are endless although I do like to use seasonal and local ingredients when possible. The base price of $150 is for classic margherita pies; additional toppings will be priced out to order. Five 13" pies serves 5-8 people.

Group Pie Classes ~ 
$65/ 2-hour class; participants will take home their own pie to bake at home
Ok so pizza and doughnuts aside, pie is my true true love. If I had to choose one dessert for the rest of my life, it would most definitely be good old fashion pie. It's true, growing up I always opted for birthday pies instead of cake (to be fair, my feelings towards cake have changed dramatically since starting to bake them on my own). So with all this said, I would like nothing more than to share my passion for pies with all of you! Baking pies from scratch is one of those cardinal skills that everyone should have. In my group class you will make pate brise (gluten-free classes available) and your own seasonal pie to take home and bake. And of course, we'll all enjoy some pie together as a class. Make sure to subscribe to Shantilly Picnic so you can stay updated on scheduled classes. If you're interested in hosting your own pie class, please email me so we can discuss a group rate.

Special Orders ~ Pricing available upon request
To make a special order, email me and let me know what type of baked goods you’d like, in what quantity, and for what date. I have four signature cookies to choose from but for the most part, I can make custom desserts with whatever ingredients you have in mind, although I do like to use as many seasonal and local ingredients as possible, so I hope you do too.
My cookies have a lot of character and represent some of my favorite flavor combinations. I'm selling them both, freshly baked and in dough form. I wanted to offer cookie dough's so they can be baked and enjoyed as cookies should be eaten, which is fresh out of the oven with no preservatives.

The decadent Chocolate Lavender, made with flowers from a beautiful Long Island lavender farm.

The aromatic Oatmeal Pear with fresh ground cardamom (gluten-free!)

The instant favorite, Apple-Honey Almond.

The bright Lemon Olive Oil with poppy seeds.

I also love baking pies, special occasion cakes and french breakfast breads.
Please place your order at least five days in advance of the date when you’d like them. I will deliver locally, or make them available for pick-up in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.