Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cayuga St. Kitchen: Celebrating Food, Friends & Family

Cayuga St. Kitchen: Celebrating Food, Friends & Family: Check out my friend Emma's amaaaazing food blog for a snapshot of the dinner I hosted last Friday. I invited some friends over to meet the parents and Emma did a wonderful job at capturing the evening while I had my hands covered in flour. Who am I kidding, I was covered head to toe!

I made up a batch of Saltie's naan dough the night before, which was really fun to do in my own kitchen. Dolores brought her yummy garlic hummus for dipping and my dad made his spicy green stuff and a big salad too. Mom added some beautiful tabbouleh stuffed tomatoes to the table. And the shining star of the meal was Saltie's famous potato tortilla. I've never made anything quite as satisfying.

Thanks for the post, Emma! And thank you to all my lovely friends, for coming (and for supplying to booze!). It was a meal to remember.

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