Thursday, August 4, 2011

Redondo Beach Grown

My name is Shanti Star Martha Ruth Church, or more simply: Shanti Star. I was born and raised in this little hippy house in Redondo Beach, California. Growing up as one of 12 children made me appreciate the simple things in life. I learned to be scrappy and creative with ingredients and although tortillas, "butter" and yeast seem to be what I ate most as a kid, I have no shortage of magical kitchen moments and life lessons.

My dad taught me to relish nature’s miracles. I have vivid memories of him rubbing avocado and banana peels all over his face to show me that it’s ALL good. He often made us put down our forks between bites -- close our eyes -- raise our hands up by our faces and wiggle our fingers so that we would savor each and every morsel -- not just mindlessly chew, swallow, scoop. To counterweight my dad's strong opinions on clean healthy eating, my mom took it upon herself to teach us there was nothing wrong with a little butter (or a lot)
. Her baking only ramped up over the years as did her usage of butter and heavy cream. I will never forget her perfected proud cheesecakes.

So at 27 years old, all the pieces are finally coming together and I am figuring out exactly who I am – developing my own palate and my own unique style of preparing and enjoying meals.
Much of my food influence came from my unique upbringing but my style really started to take shape when I moved to Brooklyn in 2010. The dramatic move across country has opened my eyes and ignited something inside me that I didn’t know existed. If anything, Brooklyn forces you to get creative. Nothing really comes easy, which makes it all the more enjoyable.

I love cooking, I love baking even more, I love eating, but most of all, I love sharing. This blog is the record of all my favorite food-related experiences…. I’m not fancy. I just like good food made with good ingredients.


  1. Nice Shanti★ What a trip I was just wiggling me fingers! Just cooked the best zucchini ever . I'll tell you the secret recipe if you promise to share . ****************************** 1 pick a medium zuc from the garden 2 slice it up 3 put them in a pan with a cup of water 4 turn on the fire and go check your podcast and app updates 5 When you smell the smoke hurry hurry take them off the fire and turn them over and there done!

  2. 6. douse them in hot sauce while mom rolls her eyes at the smoke billowing out of the kitchen..